NASPRO bridges

NASPRO bridges is a collection of bridges to LV2 that, once installed, allow you to use plugins developed for other plugin standards in LV2 hosts.

As of now, it contains two bridges: a LADSPA 1.1 bridge and a DSSI 1.0.0/1.1.0 bridge.

License: LGPL 2.1.

Latest version: 0.5.1 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources).

Previous versions: 0.5.0 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources), 0.4.1 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources), 0.4.0 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources), 0.3.1 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources), 0.3.0 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources), 0.2.91 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources), 0.2.90 (.tar.gz sources, .tar.bz2 sources).

Supported platforms

Runtime dependencies

Build-time dependencies


Once installed, given that the bridge bundles are in a directory contained within the LV2 discovery path used by the host (e.g., LV2_PATH environment variable), they should Just Work(TM) without user intervention.

The host must support the LV2 Dynamic Manifest specification (e.g., zynjacku >= 5.1 or host using Lilv > 0.4.2 or Lilv = 0.4.2 with this patch, both built with dynamic manifest support enabled).

You can use LADSPA_PATH and DSSI_PATH environment variables to provide plugin discovery locations as you like.


As usual:

$ ./configure && make && make install

Extra ./configure options

where to put LV2 bundles [LIBDIR/lv2]
install LRDF-equivalent LV2 bundles [default=yes]
bridge DSSI programs as LV2 presets [default=yes]

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